Carpenter Bees
We are always looking for solutions for the issues that we find in the inspection business. Under the Buyers Tips section we addressed the carpenter bee issue. This is very prevalent in our area.

The BeeMinator is the Carpenter Bee Solution. After initial testing and several changes in design we have a product that works. Over 400 units were marketed in North Georgia in 2011 with very positive results. These BeeMinators were marketed retail through Ace Hardware in Blue Ridge and Ellijay and local real estate agents. They will be available again this year. The trapping season for carpenter bees is best from April 1st through the end of June. BeeMinator is on Facebook with pictures of several prototypes full of bees. You can email questions to

“Yuck” Well Water
Another issue that we have in our area is “yuck” well water. “Yuck” well water can be water with iron content, which stains fixtures and clothes; hard water which corrodes pipes, slows the water flow in fixtures, and shortens the life of the water heater; the “rotten egg smell“ which speaks for itself; bacteria that invades the well system. This “yuck” water is not only found in well water, it is also found in some public and private community water systems. The public water system “yuck” is the chlorine and is a hard water issue. We have been looking for a solution for this issue for years, and have finally found solutions in the EasyWater products. You can visit them at We have partnered with this company and added a certified specialist for this service. A water test has to be taken and analyzed. Then a treatment system is designed to cure the “yuck”. It is not a one size fits all solution. These system are hi tech and low maintenance. You can call or email for information on this.