These are the issues that keep popping up on the “most reported list” in our inspection reports:

  • Debris filled gutters and roof valleys (possibility of leaks).
  • Excess creosote in chimneys (possibility of chimney fire).
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (those electric outlets with buttons) that don’t trip.
  • Loose commodes (danger of sewer gas) need new wax seal and secured.
  • Dirty furnace filters and gas furnace vents to the outside that don’t have protective screening to prevent critter entry.
  • Outside a/c units that have settled with the house backfill and need leveling.
  • Incorrect ground slope at the foundation due to house backfill settlement. Remember that water does not run uphill! Water leaks and infiltration into the structure is a big issue.
  • Doors that don’t latch due to wood shrinkage.
  • Fogged windows (hazy look) when moisture gets in between the insulated glass panes.
  • Hot and cold water supply lines reversed. Hot is on left cold is on right except in the UK. Sink stoppers that are disconnected.
  • Metal roofs with loosened the screw attachments due to roof movement.
  • Ridge end cap shingles that are split.